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Foodpanda Celebrates its 4th Anniversary


This was a big event, which foodpanda Pakistan hosted on the anniversary 4TH something that turning up the faint of heart. The event was won by the major customers of foodpanda, Chief Executive Officer of hospitality brands in the country, bloggers, food and lifestyle leader in the industry and celebrities – who incidentally happen to be enthusiastic users of foodpanda for months.

What began in 2012 as a combination of innovation and experience – were bound to tantalize the taste buds of the whole nation. And it did not disappoint! This was a positive response in the short period of four years, foodpanda meet half a million hungry food lovers and Rs generated one billion additional revenue for the restaurant industry.

Showing gratitude towards all the stakeholders who have contributed to making four years of this service is possible unprecedented, Naaman S Mirza, Managing Director and CEO of the company foodpanda Pakistan, “Customers are at the heart of our work he said. We are grateful for restaurants participating for us to work with us closely to deliver offer unparalleled to keep more than half a million customers was very pleased. ”

Shedding light on the more technical expertise of the company, Mr. Noman said, “We have achieved a 100% automation in the system is delivered to restaurants. Foodpanda technology in the property for us to get direct customer requests in the kitchen of the restaurant in less than 20 seconds!”

The estimated size of the delivery of food in the Pakistan market to reach the mark of US $ 400 million by 2020; and thanks to the economic healthy growth in the country, and improve the law and order situation, increasing the spread of 3G and 4G and increase investment services, especially in the hospitality sector. Heroes local restaurant to expand its operations geographically across the country and international chains looking second tier cities for expansion.

In such a scene is a thriving industry, foodpanda plays a vital role in connecting millions of food lovers in Pakistan with absolutely favorite restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC, Nando’s, Dunkin ‘Donuts, Johnny Rockets, Fatburger, Sarpinos, OPTP and many others.

Commemorate the trip with foodpanda, said marketing McDonald’s director of development, Mr. Jamil Mughal “, in partnership with foodpanda brought success through increased access to customers. This has enabled us Foodpanda platform to reach more customers without any cannibalization. Together we hope to continue to provide exciting food with the utmost convenience and bring more smiles on the faces of our customers every day! ”

Foodpand using sophisticated, easy to use mobile applications, customers are able to discover all the restaurants provide for their area and restaurants are able to attract a customer base that is usually not asked to sort the list by using the channels. More than 100% rise in downloading applications only in the past 12 months is evidence of sincere popular foodpanda among local food lovers.

Pride in the achievement of one accomplishment after another, Mr. Noman said, “The progress in the past 12 months is a testament to our commitment to the growth and Ace $ 400 million food delivery market in Pakistan. In 2016 alone, our customer base has increased by a staggering 100%, we now in the half a million happy customers. on the restaurant side, we have generated additional sales of PKR 1 billion – and frankly we just warming “.

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