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The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may have been finally “solved”

Bermuda Triangle has claimed the lives of an estimated 1,000 people, and that in the last century alone!

However, it seems that now that we have to solve the mystery behind this spot,

we may be able to prevent many deaths from happening.

But what exactly is the secret behind this spot?

According to many researchers,

there are clouds adorn the hexagonal triangle that created the horrific 170mph winds, which you described as’ air bombs.

“The researchers believe that these barbaric bombings of the air can flip on ships and even brought a plane crashing into the ocean.


Only on the western tip of Bermuda, according to the Daily Mirror,

these clouds appear huge, but can range from anything from 20-55 miles.
This is strange, especially since ‘usually do not see the edges directly with clouds.

Most of the time, and dragging randomly distributed,

“or at least according to meteorologists via satellite from the University of Colorado, and Dr. Steve Miller.


Using satellite radar to measure what was happening beneath the clouds,

and discovered that the winds of the sea level and reach almost 170mph.

Now, all know that probably does not mean anything for you so let’s put it into perspective:

this is the same wind speed reached during Hurricane Katrina.
These strong winds so they can create waves of more than 45 feet high,

creating the so-called “air bomb to come collapsed into the ocean.


Although this certainly is scary, and we hope it will put an end to all the crazy theories surrounding one of the most mysterious parts of this planet.







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