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SMOG CITY LAHORE It not Fog its a Mixture of dust and fog

It’s not Fog its a Mixture of dust and fog called smog.

 Smog city

Lahore residents woke up to a dense blanket of smog on Wednesday that the low visibility for passengers

and prompted many complaints of respiratory problems and psychological pain.

The populations concerned and went out on social media to express their anger,

and posted pictures of air pea soup fog reminiscent of London,

which resulted in the first Clean Air Act in Britain.

“Even in my house, eyes watering, throat and itchy”.

Smog City

“Smog in Lahore today is legitimately terrifying,” another user posted on Twitter.

Similar weather in the capital of neighboring regions, especially on the highway between Lahore and Islamabad.

“Experiments usually Punjab this fog, mixed with contaminants in December,” says Mohammad Riaz, chief meteorologist of the Meteorological Department of Pakistan.

“It is not usual that this murky be this early.


Smog City

But he also has not rained in Lahore, Sialkot and Faisalabad since October.”

The increase in air pollutants, can be attributed to a slight increase in automobile pollution in the city,

and the accumulation of dust from ongoing construction projects, and changes in climate.

India’s capital, New Delhi, neighboring also stifles the higher than normal levels of air pollutants.

The festival, which recently concluded Diwali problem is compounded because of the presence of large amounts of firecrackers and fireworks,

prompting local officials to announce a number of initiatives to reduce the threat.

According to the American Embassy in Delhi, the air quality index in the city has reached dangerous levels.

“We are not contributors to the air pollution, but its victims”.

“Most of the smog you see here comes from India.”

The agency quoted the state-run, responsible for the improvement of the environment and pollution prevention and control,

lacks the necessary equipment to monitor real-time air quality in the city, says the spokesman.

“We have only air quality monitoring and one in Lahore station.

We lack the data needed to study the pattern of contamination.”

It predicted the Pakistan Meteorological Department “moderate levels” of smog to persist in the city and surrounding areas for several days at least five others.

Health care providers warn that at the time still stands, and the smog is likely to cause a rise in viral infections and respiratory problems, especially among the young and the infirm.

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