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Audi Q3 launched in Pakistan, and the cost of Rs. 5 Million

Audi Q3

After the launch of the Audi Q3 sedan in Pakistan last year, Audi has announced the release of the SUV from Q3 as well.

Audi Q3 SUV is the latest addition to the family Q3. Which saw in the previous release of Q3 Vail time, RS Q3 concept, Q3 Jinlong Yufeng and Q3 red track.

While Q3 is not the fastest or the most efficient, quieter, and it rides better than the competition. However, like any other German automakers in the country, it has been released after another luxury car to the top of the 1% of the country. The price of the latest SUV, which was launched in Pakistan, a little over five million rupees.

Q3 offers standard HID headlamps, LED taillamps, heated leather power seats, and panoramic sunroof. Sports and Prestige packages as well as MMI navigation, lane change assist, power rear door, and are available Bose sound as well.


While still continuing to overlook a look to the brand Audi, minor changes in the details of Q3 give a much more sophisticated look in. Q3 face big and distinct grille with angular front and arranged in a line of attack. Full LED headlights affairs, while SE models get Xenon lights as standard stock.


The end of the reading has a look gliding with the brand Audi plate number and two exhaust pipes. And corner lights again also to fit the new orientation of the front lights in the Audi Q3. Moreover, a whole lot has changed from the overall design perspective.



Despite being expensive to enter the automobile industry in Pakistan, Audi is reputed for internal quality high-end leather seats along with additional built-in technology in the dashboard. Inside the Audi Q3 widely decent, which makes it easier for people longer to adjust.

Navigation system, automatic windows and advanced heating / cooling system is also present inside the car. Moreover, it also has a 6.5in color screen retractable manually, Bluetooth, DAB Radio, eight speakers and a multifunction steering wheel.


Audi Q3 also comes with adjustable driver’s seat, where according to the fullest modifying the electric seat standards is optional. Behind the gear lever cup holders are a good size that easily carry ready-made cup of coffee a large or a small bottle of water.

Engine and Performance

Q3 is with the power and torque packed, accompanied by lower fuel consumption. Q3 is characterized by 150-horsepower engine with S tronic transmission, which provides for improved road grip and agility on the road.

However, it is not detected variant of the Audi Q3 as of yet. And therefore it is not mentioned here, the engine specifications.

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