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Top 10 smog filled cities in the world

Many Cities in the world suffered from Smog. Smog is harmful to health, this is obvious, but to what extent?

According to estimates by the World Health Organization, of the 1 million people die each year because of pollution.

More than the number affected by smog alone.

There are lots of cities around the world suffer from smog problem. Smog has a lot of carbon and other harmful particles in the air. As long as the smog there, and pollutants are also present.

Here are the top ten cities in terms of air pollution (mostly smog).

1. Beijing, China


The city tops the list of smoggiest cities in the world. People should wear masks every time they have to head out. Winter is the worst in China for the smog.

Blocked cars in the city for two weeks on account of the day the offer. Many factories and also closed down. Went the air quality is very little, you can see the image in the tweet above for comparison.

2. Ahvaz, Iran


This city is second on the list for a reason. Ahvaz is the smoggiest Iranian city second only to Beijing in terms of air quality. A lot of heavy industries operating in Iran, diffraction oil, metals and other operating plants that contribute to smog in the country.

3. UlaanBataar, Mongolia


Another one on the dirtiest cities in the world in terms of air quality, Ulan Bator is also an industrial city and also one of the coldest in the world. Fireplaces, contributing to 70 percent of the smog in the city during the winter months.

4. Lahore, Pakistan


Unsurprisingly, Lahore is also one of the worst crises in the world in terms of air pollution. The pollution on the rise for several years now. Smog recently been in the spotlight put forward, which was the cause of the burning of crops in India.

5. New Delhi, India


As you may have read about the cause of smog in recent times, and you’ve heard about Indian cities suffer from it as well. New Delhi is also one of the largest cities in the world facing the smog conditions regularly. Coal-powered plants are the culprits for the majority of smog in the city though.

6. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Riyadh as follows suit as one of the most cities “smoggiest” in the world. This is mainly due to sandstorms reason for smog in this city. Particle take a long time to settle after the storm that can cause smog for a week in the Saudi capital.

7. Cairo, Egypt


Such as Ulaanbaatar and Ahvaz mentioned above, the main cause of smog in this city is an increase in a number of industries. Traffic on the roads contribute to it, but not as much as industries. People suffering from lung diseases in the city as well.

8. Dhaka, Bangladesh


According to a study by the Max Planck Institute in Maine, about 15,000 people die every year in Dhaka. Air pollution is the main reason for it. The city contains the highest concentration in the world of sulfur dioxide gas. It consists of the gas by burning coal unclean that can be used in power plants fueled by coal, Dhaka.

9. Moscow, Russia


For this city, and the overwhelming cause of smog is a high amount of hydrocarbons in the air. It is scheduled to diffraction oil industries, which crack crude oil and purify this. Hydrocarbons are not any less deadly than the sulfur dioxide in Dhaka.

10. Mexico City, Mexico


In the densely populated city surrounded by mountains cause smog to raise up. High amounts of hydrocarbons and sulfur dioxide are the cause of smog in Mexico City. New factories and transport policies that are being shut down are decreasing slowly killer smog in the city though.

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