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NADRA Steps into 21st century with website redesign

NADRA has redesigned its website rare to facilitate the users better. The renewed focus on ease of use and much better than the old version.


Previously, there was no central hub for information gathering. You often have to waste energy to visit the nearest rare offices to collect the required information. This problem has been witnessed by the vast majority of people in all parts of Pakistan, but fortunately, has now changed.

NADRA updated site now carries all the required information for all the services it provides. In addition, it also provides home delivery of CNIC and other different cards.


Let us illustrate by example. If you are applying for the CNIC, you hover over drop Identity drop-down menu and choose from the list of national identity card.

In the beginning, you will see a description and a set of questions below, which can often resolve any queries you may have in your mind.

The link will be to the right of the description to help you gather information on the required documents. Click on the green button pushes this screen:


You have to select either a card or a certificate from the drop-down menu. The information is displayed on each of the right side, in the light of what is required for your type of identity? A question.


Once you identify the card option, you will need to choose one of the options displayed on the right side of any new card, modified, printed, renewable. When you’re done with that enter the era and you’ll have a list of all the required documents.

The process is equally simple for other NADRA services.


Overall, the experience of the site rare updated much more easy to use and the Agency deserves credit for keeping it accessible.

Slow response

The site recently built, which is why the slow response time somewhat. Download from a Web page takes a long amount of time, too. However, it is expected that the rare and sort this minor issue in the near future.

However, we believe that it may just be the most intuitive site the government is working so far, but could do with some of the disk where it somewhat to download from our side is slow. If you feel there is another one to take the crown, however, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

You can check out the new site are rare here.

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