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Mastercard begin operations in Pakistan

Mastercard, a technology company in the global payments industry, today officially launched its operations in Pakistan,

with the opening of a dedicated office in Karachi MasterCard.

MasterCard Pakistan Private Limited will provide a wide range of industry-leading payments services,

including credit and debit and prepaid, companies, MasterCard Payment Gateway Services,

MasterCard rewards and solutions for digital payment solutions.

Achievements recently include Pakistan’s global launch of Masterpass QR,

the first interoperable digital payment service in the country that allows banking customers to use banking application

via mobile phone to pay for the shop, pay bills (bills) and is delivered with a secure single account.

It is expected that a large number of existing and potential customers will benefit with a fast,

secure and convenient payment on bank applications via mobile phone in service experience.

It is also the leader of online payments in Pakistan, through two energy saving banks from major gain,

including the farmer and the Bank of MCB Bank. Recently, as MasterCard HomeSend,

and find a solution to the transfer of funds with the bank balance,

and one of the leading Islamic financial institutions in the country.

Enable card payments smaller and small traders,

It launched the first mobile service in the sale points (MPOs) in the country in collaboration with HBL in 2015.

It currently has 17 major exporters in the country, which covers the whole of the pay version of the discount and credit cards, card companies.

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