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New Hirings in Bol TV Channel – Apply Now

Bol television as the largest enterprises and media will soon be launched as everyone waits impatiently for television Bol

who has the largest infrastructure Pakistani media. Bol institution tend to bring different platforms such as entertainment

and news channel in order to attract all audiences all over the world.

Bol TV channel and set all in order to reach a positive and revolutionary change through which will be ratified by the progressive

image of Pakistan in the form of news, entertainment and sports. It is powered by TV Bol Axact, the leading manufacturer of

information technology in the world that promotes dramatically the media through this channel, while Bol-owned television

by property tycoon Malik Riaz. And the appointment of the new media group TV Bol to hit the Geo TV because most prominent

anchors of Geo News Bol joined the network by leaving Geo.

Bol network is to provide attractive employment opportunities in different sectors with the most salary packages as attractive

will be a great experience and an honor to become part of the largest media group. Bol television began to recruit skilled

employees and talented people from all over Pakistan to their organization that can support and enhance their networks worldwide.

The interested candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting an application form online BOL or can send their resume to the

following address: careers@bolnetwork.com

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