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PM Nawaz to initialize cargo shipment activity from Gwadar Port today

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif begin shipping commercial goods from the port of Gwadar to international markets

on Sunday to mark the historic launch of commercial activity by China Pakistan economic corridor.

During his day long visit to Gwadar, the Prime Minister delivers a speech during the launch of the first commercial shipment

of leading massive ceremony.

The convoy arrived Gwadar Trade of China under tight security cover from the Pakistani army.


He said he was a gift of nature Gwadar in Pakistan and China friendship and cooperation have made it more valuable.

“We are crossing a new milestone to a new era of international relations,” it.

Rich Gwadar port of new possibilities not only for Pakistan and China but also for the whole world with a range of import

and export activity from Central Asia to the Middle East.

The first shipment of commercial goods from Gwadar to the international market bodes changing Pakistan.

It begins its journey from Kashghar, and the shipment arrived safely trade Gwadar from Gilgit Baltistan after traveling

all over the country, which also reflected the image of a peaceful Pakistan.

Every province and Pakistan region to take advantage of CPEC This is a comprehensive project for peace and economic progress.

Besides Pakistan, China, and even Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asian states and also benefit from the project,

which will also have an impact on the eastern region in recent years.

In addition to strengthening the communication network, supply and trade, cultural, corridor also help in promoting

peace and harmony and resources in the region.

The government has already allocated land for the Free Trade Zone Gwadar government also announced concessions to

Gwadar Port Free Trade Zone in Balochistan.

Moreover, it is also perform exclusive area projects industrial complex processing of mineral economic zone on a priority basis.

Development in Balochistan is not only because of CPEC instead of the current government has always kept on the development of the province, including the Gwadar on priority.

Being a project worth 25 billion rupees for the development of Gwadar save the city in the light of its importance.

The federal government has given a free hand in local government in this regard that the design of the project considering the Gwadar

and basic needs. The local government implementation of the project is being provided by the resources of the federal government.

The federal government has provided all the necessary resources for the installation of plant for making drinkable sea water,

as well as the launch of an additional 11.5 billion rupees project to clean drinking water to Gwadar by 201,516.

And it is also being improved water quality and groundwater are hospitalized upgrade the existing 50-bed to 300 bed facility.

Also it is appointed University, and the Institute of Technical and Vocational Training,

even in Gwadar to produce the manpower required. It would be preferable to use local residents to enroll in these institutes.

Under CPEC, and determine the government’s priorities of energy and road infrastructure. To meet its electricity needs,

it is also installing a power plant of 300 MW in Gwadar that would be connected to the national grid.

It is also make Gwadar safe city that will enhance investor confidence.

Build a new international airport is also underway in Gwadar to facilitate the movement of investors.

The federal government has given special attention to the construction of roads and travel to and from Gwadar and squeezed.

Shipping will be the first commercial cargo from Gwadar herald new possibilities and the time is not far when

the commercial convoys will move to and from Gwadar throughout the day.

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