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“Jana Zaroori Hai?” – A girl that got harassed by Careem driver

A few days ago, I was traveling in Careem and I wondered to myself: “It is surprising how affordable and safe mobility in these days has become” is the person who uses the services of local taxis often, I must say that they are a blessing for the men, but mostly, troublesome for women because Careem driver.

Now I understand that one can be called “mainstream release.” There are a number of drivers Careem great out there who make sure that the only goal is leadership. However, the only thing that makes taxi services such as Careem trashed each time trying to thrive is to hire drivers.

Filled social media with stories of women being harassed by Careem driver (or any other car rental service in this regard). And tried to “educated” students to earn some extra bucks by offering its services to the taxi company with a good reputation and image, “I am not your driver” allows these “drivers” to do what they think they can do. One of these incidents revolve around Manal Jafri and her friend. Here is how Manal explains her story:

“GIRLS please give this position the likes of maximum shares SO learns that #CAREEM that harassment is intolerable!
As I write this to warn all the girls who are traveling alone on Careem. Careem is not safe at all men. At least not anymore. Their service is getting pathetic and insecure with each passing day.

This incident occurred on the 7TH November 2016. My friend and I had a job in our college and our drivers were not available so we decided to book Careem. We had to arrive at 5:00 so we booked the car at 04:10. The application, which the driver was Careem 7 minutes showed. Immediately after 7 minutes we got a text that we have Careem was waiting outside. We went out, but the car was not there. We kept the driver to call again and again but he kept lying in the next 30 minutes. We arrived at 16:45.


Well, these were not the only issue that we encountered that day. The driver was Careem quite young and started being very formal with us. Initially she asked that why we’re going to college at this hour? Then the exchange of experiences of his life in the university began that he was a graduate of the FAST and studied civil engineering from there, and so later asked that if we were late from college and was willing to pay quickly, but on one condition: that the “Aapne Darna Nahin Hai.”

Then play the music and drove the car as if he was celebrating with his friends. We asked him to slow down both the car and the music. But he expressed reluctance.

When it was near our college, we asked him about the accusations of our trip, but said he “AAP rehnay Dane,” as he does not want money as he owns a construction company in Lahore, and that he was the owner of that car and many other cars as well. When shown hesitation about this issue, then gave in.
Right before the ride ends when we were about to leave, he turned back and said, “Yana zaroori hai?” This was too much. We were stunned and ignore it because we do not want to create a scene.

Since then, you’ve been receiving texts and calls from an unknown number. I got curious I had a gut feeling that it was the same guy from Careem so I’m keeping his number as the “Wrongnumb” to see him Watts August DP. She recognized him from his picture as it was the same man who came as a captain that day.


I got really angry and blocking him to send him a message on the WhatsApp to teach him a lesson.

After my talk with him, he immediately changed his DP. Here are snapshots of his letters. I can be ignored, but it was reducing harassment unbearable.




I would not recommend to any girl Careem as a source of mere harassment.

Note, I know how you would react Careem for the job, they come with an apology fabricated superficial. I’m sorry Careem, but your apology or even no use unless you ensure the safety of the customers are women.

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