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PITB and Uber partner for business opportunities in Punjab

Uber, a transport network online company, has entered into an understanding with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to further enhance the taxi service experience,

and create more economic opportunities for people with the help of technical solutions designed locally PITB.

Loic met Amado, the father of international launcher to Uber with Prime PITB, Dr. Omar Saif

to sign a formal memorandum of understanding in this regard for companies that in talks with the

Government of Punjab for the past several weeks

What this partnership is all about?

According to the details of a memorandum of understanding,

Uber will take the benefits of compounds that Punjab government and distributed among the unemployed

under the umbrella of the Bank of Punjab Apna Rozgar scheme.

Across the province, it has been distributed around 50,000 taxis are backed by the government among the people,

in the first place, to make it self-sustaining business.

Only to meet the needs of 12,000 of these cars fare city of Lahore.

This is also the order that the Punjab government data properly provide for the proper use of these taxis are subsidized.

Second, the transport company based in the United States are very much concerned about the safety of their customers in this regard;

it will also benefit from a well-designed databases that PITB was built to simplify public data value.

PITB and Uber Partnership

Dr. Umar Saif said that “Uber will offer a platform to verify personal record for drivers before contracting, licensing, ownership of the car in just a few days, which usually takes months.”

Currently, Uber is getting a good response which is more than the company expected before its launch in Lahore. There are several hundreds of cars Uber already on the roads,

and the company has thousands of partner applications that are running through its system.

“All drivers partner go through the screening process is necessary before they can be activated on the Uber platform. Through our partnership with PITB, and by taking advantage of technology,

we were able to make this process screening more effective and more efficient,” said Zuhair Yousafi, Prime Uber expansion in Pakistan

“Another important aspect of this understanding with Uber is to provide encouragement to our business stemming from home who have nurtured through a platform such as Plan9 on and PlanX.


I have taken these nurseries to such a height where any global giant like Uber can join hands with them,

” he added Dr. Saif

While talking to more news, Dr. Saif seemed optimistic about further acquisitions in the coming

days on Savaree style, which was obtained recently by a global player, Careem.

“This will lead to increased competition in the market,

and could be the next Travly or any other company, has hinted more than that.”

He stressed Loic Amado that “Uber turns navigating the thousands of Lahoris urban areas through

the introduction of a safe and reliable and affordable to move around the city. Flexibility,

opportunity entrepreneurship and earning potential of technology Uber innovative has an effect

transformation evenly on the livelihoods of the driver and their family partners.”

Began on March 3, 2016 in Lahore, Uber received an overwhelming response from customers in Lahore,

forcing the company to express their excitement on its website in the form of some compelling Statistics.

Uber recently announced $ 250 million investment in the Middle East and Pakistan region with a large

part of the investment will go to expanding all over Pakistan.

Uber to start the process of service in Islamabad and Karachi.

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