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PCST Bill passed by the National Assembly

It was approved “Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) Bill, 2016” unanimously in the National Assembly (NA) on November 21, 2016.

The bill was 25 an item then moved to the House by Zahid Hamid, Minister of Law and Justice. He said:

“This organization will provide a forum for the coordination of science and technology with national and international agencies and identify priority topics with reference to their impact on the social and economic development and national security.
Pakistan Council for Science and Technology is involved in policy-making, planning, implementation, and conduct policy studies ”

What are the objectives PCST?

PCST works independently as a forum for senior and prominent scientists and technologists of the country, and serve as a “Think Tank” of the federal government on policies and issues of national importance in respect of science and technology.

And implements strategic planning in the field of research and development, and evaluation of scientific research and the promotion of advisory services for scientists and technologists.

The Council is an independent organization working under the umbrella of the Ministry and the Minister of Science and Technology for Science and Technology as a President of the Council.

Council members and the heads of major research organizations, and representatives from all four provinces, the chief scientist nominated by the Ministry of Defense, Chairman of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and five of the top scientists and technologists appointed by the government.

All the members of the Council, including its president, is 27.

Zahid Hamid also said PCST house, which was founded by the decision and that it is mandatory in order to provide advice to the government in the relevant national-level scientific and technical issues.

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