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Atif Aslam
Syed Shafaat Ali

That Guy Mimicking Atif Aslam’s Singing Proves His Potential!

Yes, yes, you guessed it right. Syed Shafaat Ali again, Starting with atif aslam, he performed more.

Starting with the hilarious and sharp show very Banana News Network (BNN), we all thought this man disappeared in the air. Until recently, when one of his casual attempts to simulate Pakistani politicians went viral:

Of Shahbaz Sharif, Imran Khan and Bilawal Bhutto, Shafaat Ali is definitely talented when it comes to his talent simulation. A few days after the video went viral politician, make Shafaat another video, and we were not surprised to see that happen viral again.

In the second video, he simulates Bilawal Bhutto Atif Aslam asked to sing Hom Gaali Ja Rahe Hai bag.

If you close your eyes and just listen to this guy singing voice Atif, there is not much difference, TBH. Shafaat can even start his singing career. He’ll definitely Ace!

Add more talent to the simulation, video Shafaat day of singing sang Atif Aslam legendary, Adaat was 100% spot on!

Hailing from Peshawar, Shafaat was a Pakistani politician simulation of years now. However, he recently lifted a case of Rehman Malik, former interior minister of Pakistan as well as simulates Shafaat him. The death of Shafaat of scrolling. 3 billion. However, with the involvement of PEMRA, things got better for this talented Pakistani mode.

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