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Crash your iPhone in 5 seconds

5 seconds have appeared in a video making the rounds on the Internet for its ability to crash almost any iPhone within minutes, thanks to a bug in iOS.

It considers Apple’s iOS and run one of the most stable mobile phone systems around, and also the safest. Some users Reddit smart, however, find a way to crash this phone(or almost any iOS device) by exploiting a flaw in the seemingly simple phone system.

As you can see in the video attached below, all you have to do is open the video and let it play by using the default media player for this phone. The incident does not happen immediately, but it will gradually slow down your phone down. In less than a minute, and will make the phone unusable completely.

Why crashes iPhone?

Video file is corrupt and tricks iPhone in the generation of a loop by exploiting a loophole in the media player iOS. Barely 10 seconds after watching the video, the episode forced the iPhone to crash. Currently, it seems that this video to affect phone as far back as iOS 5. Do note that it only works when it is perceived as a link, not a file sent when the media.

How to fix your iPhone?

If you have fallen victim to this joke, do not worry, the lock-up is not permanent. All you have to do is perform a smooth appointment to get your iPhone back to normal.

Just sleep / wake and home buttons held simultaneously for 10 seconds at least, until you see the Apple logo. Then let each of the buttons and boot your iPhone just as you normally would.

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