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Umair Jaswal and Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal Both Raise Voices for Kashmir!

The issue of Kashmir, the cause of the most important since the beginning of Pakistan. Muslims are suffering enormous levels of physical repression of peaceful protest as a result.

Violation of human rights in that region is India and it’s still something that has been pushing the United Nations to not talk about because it keeps getting vetoed by the influential countries.

Even in Pakistan, and it comes a few people to talk openly about it. Joining the list, including singers and Amir restructured and Ali Azmat, who recently recorded shows Kashmir’s independence and show that the majority of Kashmiris, Pakistanis stand in support!

India was violating human rights in Kashmir, the cease-fire on LOC

Efforts are endless by the Indian government and the army to incite the Pakistani army have been made. There has been a rise in physical repression in Kashmir occupied by India and also, uninstigated violation of the cease-fire at multiple points of the Line of Control!

What do they want from this is unclear, but they definitely want Pakistan to react rashly.

Unfortunately for them, and the Pakistani military is working very thoughtful to deal with terrorist attacks and submit them to the state they were, on the international platforms.

We pray for the day that Kashmir finally free to join any country they like!

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