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Rs. 14.7 bn committed for 3 DTH Licenses

DTH Licenses

Pakistan regulate electronic media body held bidding at the auction three licenses for DTH day.

After a fierce attempt of the war of more than 15 hours, PEMRA announced the three winners as follows:

  • MAG Entertainment
  • Shahzad sky
  • Startimes Pakistan Communications Pvt Ltd

He announced a successful attempt at Rs. 4898000000 to get one license. All three winners will get DTH for this same amount of license.

PEMRA, as a whole, will bag Rs. 14694000000 result of this bidding.

DTH bidding process after the Supreme Court issued a short order and allow it to hold the auction may. However, the top court said that the results of bidding will be conditional with a detailed system of the Supreme Court.

The final offers are as follows:

Providers will be issued after successful performances licenses from the ministry of mines and internal security institutions remove.

Providers of temporary successful performances of the three licenses as announced by the Pemra are:

License 1

MAG Entertainment Limited (Lahore)
License: Rs4,898 million fee

License 2

StarTimes Pakistan Telecommunications Limited (Islamabad)
License: Rs4,898 million fee

License 3

Shahzad Sky Limited (Islamabad)
License: Rs4,898 million fee

The head of Pemra nose of the world, “the media has entered a new era after the auction DTH licenses,” after the bid ends.

You will be required providers successful presentations to provide 15 per cent of the license fee in the first installment, 35pc in the second installment and the rest of the fees in the third installment.

The auction was held after the Supreme Court gave the green light for Pemra to proceed with it, but prevented the authority from the award of the contract.

The bidding began about 13:00 on Wednesday RS200 million mark and concluded after 15 hours.

Sealed bids were opened and announced to all bidders, mediapersons and various existing stakeholders there.

Among the 12 short-listed companies, 11 participated in the bidding process, while Maestro media distribution in Lahore withdrew from the auction.

Those who pooled their bids as follows: HB DTH Limited (Islamabad), IQ Telecommunications Limited (Karachi), MAG Entertainment Limited (Lahore), Naya Aviv Ltd. (Islamabad), Orient Electronics Co., Ltd. (Lahore), Sardar Builders State of Iraq Ltd. (Islamabad), Shazad Sky Limited (Islamabad), Skyflix Limited (Islamabad) and smart Sky Limited (Islamabad).

Two of the companies in the auction have foreign parent companies: PARUS media and broadcasting, Ltd. (Islamabad) is a source of concern for the Russian company mother.

And StarTimes Pakistan Telecommunications Limited (Islamabad) is a subsidiary of Star Times China, which already operates DTH networks in 16 African countries.

Contrary to expectations by Pemra officials that the bidding DTH will reach Rs1.5 billion each license tag, and raised race between MAG entertainment, communications intelligence, Sardar Builders, Orient Electronics and Shazad Sky Limited took the road numbers exceeding their expectations.

The bidding is the first step towards the launch of DTH services in Pakistan. Incidentally, all the countries in South Asia, including Afghanistan, already has DTH services.

DTH is a digital box that provides the permitted channels broadcast in the country to customers without any communication cable.

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