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UberAuto auto service comes to Karachi with only Rs. 3 per Km

UberAuto Now In Karachi

Karachi vehicles already on average the most common form of transport due to road congestion and cost effectiveness. With uberAuto, you will be able to wander around the city with minimal costs.

UberAuto has been launched for the convenience of clients in terms of financial assistance and saving time when praising the ride.

It is expected that Uber will move to other major Pakistani cities with this initiative as well, due to the similar patterns busy road and the locals prefer rickshaw on an expensive alternatives.

The base far now is said to be 35 rupees and Uber is charging Rs 3 per kilometer (or Rs 1 per minute). Minimum so far for the installation of up to 50 rupees, which is mandatory.

Just like when I started in Lahore, uberAUTO gives free tours until 5 rupees 75 to Sunday, November 27 at the Karachi too.

It should be noted that when uberAUTO began for the first time in Lahore, has been appointed Knight Cart to 45 rupees as rent base. Per kilometer, they were charged Rs 4. However now, it has slashed prices to attract more customers.

The following is a detailed breakdown of wages:



How it works

To book a rickshaw, a similar process for those who often before – when a car demand. Promo codes are available for a very uberAUTO, even prices of vehicles are far too cheap already.

  • Download or open an application Uber.
  • Enter promo code “FREEAUTO”.
  • Pass code to ‘uberAUTO “.
  • Confirm Place Taken asked the ride.

Note: The actual rates depending on traffic and roads may vary.

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