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Whatsapp Videos can now be watched before gets downloaded

Amazing Feature

You no longer need to download videos through the application of WhatsApp to view – the application is rolling out with a powerful new feature that will allow you to stream video while the video is downloaded to your device.
It was one of the main issues with the WhatsApp long how to deal with the video and the new feature should help to make watching videos on the WhatsApp a lot more convenient, taking a few seconds of waiting between sending video and being able to watch this video time.

New flow multiple ways to work. If you’ve automatically select the application to load media when you get it, and the message will start downloading to your device when it arrives, we will see the progress meter at the bottom left of the screen, as usual. Now, however, even before you download this video, you will be able to start watching it. Then, after the download is complete, it will be replaced with the video for progress indicator bar.
However, if you do not have the application automatically created to load the media, you will still see the play button, you will be able to stream video when they arrive, but they will not actually download to your device automatically. To achieve this, you need to click on the download button in the lower left corner of the screen.
WhatsApp was the traditionally slow somewhat in the implementation of new features. However, in the past few months, which it seems to have been little change. In October, he said, for example, the ability to video communication call, a feature that had been requested for a long time.

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