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New Admission Policy Approved for medical colleges

Pakistan Medical and Denytal Council (PMDC) amended the admission policy for medical colleges and medical services public and private dentists. The new policy aims to induct students purely on merit. These systems can be called to MBBS and BDS (admission, Dar-job training) Regulations, 2016.

According to official media, and there should be a Council accept includes President PMDC Council or member of the board nominated him president, and one member of the Council of each province, one of the members of the Council of the tribal areas and one member of the Council of the capital, Islamabad.

The Board oversees the admission process in the MBBS and business development in all provinces and regions. Panel has the authority to inspect any examination, and ensure the implementation of these regulations and any other instructions from the board. You must agree to a unified style and approach to test the acceptance by the Council and the acceptance test approach to suit the HSSC or approach the level of FSC.

Over all, the regional Department of the provinces to deal with the admission, each year a notification under intimation to the UN Security Council, authorizing the Medical University in recognized public sector and one as an university exam to conduct one test for admission to MBBS and BDS courses in the province.

The test result and the Order of Merit should apply to public institutions and the private sector medical and dental services of the same province. The acceptance of any candidate for any medical institution unless he / passed the acceptance test. No medical institution or medicine may be general practitioners and private or recognition / affiliation withstand university admission test, aptitude test, or an interview. For admission to medical institutions and private dental services, should a regional central or regional acceptance testing of any province or region will be applicable in all parts of Pakistan.

No medical institutions and dental treatment or special affiliation with the University of declaration may, acceptance of any form process or accept students before October 31 or before displaying the final merit list of medical institutions and dental services in the public sector of the province, including the region.

All medical institutions and dental private must be maintained on a separate online account at the Bank of scheduled and all the charges to be received from the students and shall be deposited by the students or their parents or guardians in the account via the Internet, and may require any cash from students for any fees and accusations. It must be stated that the account number in the Bulletin of the site and with the fees and fee structure.

It must be a recognition holds a MBBS and BDS course in a medical institution dental treatment strictly on the basis of merit and in accordance with these regulations and shall be charged any student for any kind of donation, bribery, kick back or financial gain in any way.

Is any admission made in violation of merit or on the basis of financial gain in any form Word or noticed by the Council in violation of these regulations involve punitive measures by decree.

Rs. 642, 000 must annual tuition fees per student for special medical college be except the university examination, taxes and charges Pensions and transportation fee and $ 18,000 for the foreign quota seats.

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