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With this App Saudi Women will get 50,000 subscribers

A Saudi woman lawyer, released smartphone application three months ago to educate and help women in her country know their legal rights, the application now has 50,000 subscribers.

Nisreen al-Issa, a corporate lawyer, has launched a free application on self-financing, “Know Your Rights” after discovering that women do not know “their basic rights.”

“I’ve noticed that a lot of women do not know their rights. Issa said I go to places and gatherings, and discovered that even educated women do not know their rights.” “I thought at the beginning of the publication of the book, but I realized a lot of people on their phone. It is the era of application”.

The lawyer described the companies is the “most shocking” aspect that women are not “the basics.”

“They do not know what they are doing when they are in trouble. They do not know how to file for a divorce, or what happens to the custody of their children. What happens when a thief ornaments, or if they are located in a mall and breaks her leg and said,” It is.

The lawyer, who is the mother of a boy and a girl, and the application teaches women three key principles.

“Says women’s rights, and teachers how to be an independent woman, and it teaches them how to file a lawsuit without the need for a lawyer,” he explained. “She did not have to waste her money.”

Not Essa, who used to do pro bono cases before the release of the application to help women in her community, do not want to reveal how much she spent with its own pocket money in this project.

“I was working over the weekend, probably in the afternoon by the application. She said, but now after the application, I give advice through the application.” “I have my code where I give free advice to women.”

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