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Basant Festival has been approved by Punjab Govt.

Punjab government has given approval to the celebration of Basant in the provincial capital. It is to be celebrated in February 2017.

While talking to the media, said Minister Punjab Rana Mashood that it will be celebrated in specific areas of Punjab. “The Commission has given Basant established for the green signal for the Spring Festival,” he said.

However, the minister said that there are security issues that will be resolved soon. “The provincial government is to set out the detailed plan, which will be issued soon,” he added.


He added that the specific areas will be told of the masses, where decision will be final and detailed by the authorities.

It was one of the most important events celebrated in Punjab, especially Lahore. Industry and linked to a huge micro level for this same ceremony. Moreover, a large number of tourists and Overseas Pakistanis use come to Pakistan to celebrate Basant.


However, over the years, it made incidents such as cut-throat, loss of electrical transmission wires, and illegal use of the subject of the seriousness of the occasion. Civil society protested against it, especially in the context of the killing because of cut-throat which led to the imposition of a comprehensive ban on Basant Punjab.

The kite demanding to remove the ban from Basant for the past several years lovers.

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