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Careem Driver Attacked By Local Cab Drivers Of Islamabad

Careem Driver Attacked By Local Cab Drivers Of Islamabad

Considering the fact that the appearance of careem and Uber in Pakistani marketplace — like anywhere else — the local taxi network has suffered.

Having stated that, the ride hailing services have additionally confronted scrutiny from governmental authorities in Pakistan currently, in particular as seen inside the case of careem and 3 other cab organizations which had been served a prison notice.

Scenario went unsightly while a careem captain changed into literally overwhelmed in islamabad.


A social media user, awais discusses a situation which unfolded earlier than his eyes – a quarrel among his careem motive force and neighborhood taxi proprietors:

Getting back from lahore, as soon as i got off my bus and walked out of the daewoo terminal islamabad, i was swarmed by using taxi drivers who have been willing to present me the excellent prices however i had my careem ready. As my careem driver approached me to get my bags, the taxi drivers commenced manhandling him as they didn’t need him to park in “their” place.

After sitting in the vehicle, i requested the driving force what the phada was all approximately? He mentioned the ruckus created by the neighborhood taxi union towards the brand new organizations rising inside the marketplace.

All around the global, taxi drivers have visible this new age of apps as a chance to their groups. But i just assume that in the unfastened marketplace, it’s the survival of the fittest. With the world shifting at a quick tempo, the taxi drivers need to upgrade their services instead of inn to manhandling a driving force. So perhaps in preference to developing propaganda, they can try and better their provider rather than resorting to violence.

Suffice to mention, certain transportation consultant bodies aren’t too pleased approximately the new competition within the market.


They agree with that offerings like careem and uber encroach on their livelihoods and are inflicting losses to their operations.

Careem didn’t remark inside the situation but confirmed that their captains are dealing with challenges in some parts of country.


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