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Dream of Jason Phelan Comes True

Wow, this is often fully superb.If a number of you keep in mind, quite an whereas back mythical being Phelan place along a video for a Kickstarter campaign to lift cash for a crazy plan he had involving bikes, water and additional. we have a tendency to ne’er very detected something additional on the far side that. Then nowadays this banger of a video popped up on-line Associate in Nursing we have a tendency to got a glance at mythical being throwing down on a couple of completely different ramp setups tied along by boats! Hit play a`nd revel in this one. we all know for a truth you have got ne’er watched a video quite like this! superb setup, nice riding, awing film work… very enjoyed this! Nice work, Jason!

“Dream project come back true! mythical being Phelan takes BMX to the center of the Holy Loch, Scotland.
Combine deep ocean diving and BMX and you get one hell of a concept. mythical being has teamed up with The skilled Diving Academy (PDA) in Dunoon, European country to require BMX to the ocean.”

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