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Western Union Money can be Received in Bank Account in Pakistan

Now you’ll be able to receive your Western Union payment from the comfort of your home. Dubai Islamic Bank introduces this ground-breaking service for Western Union cash Transfer recipients in Asian nation. Currently you don’t ought to visit any bank or post workplace or the other Wu dialect agent to urge payment sent via Western Union. Currently simply create a decision and your payment are attributable in your account in any bank of Asian nation. Western Union and Dubai Islamic Bank has signed a MoU on account primarily based cash transfer service in Asian nation. Western Union cash transfer recipients to decision a toll free range of Dubai Islmic Bank anytime, anyplace and request for transfer of their remittances on to their checking account rather than visiting the branch physically to gather it.

Western Union

Most of the Pakistani bloggers and webmasters prefer Western Union money payments. Now all Western Union beneficiaries in Pakistan can redirect their money in any any bank account in Pakistan by calling this helpline at 0800-11342. It’s safe, quick and free service.

Procedure to Receive Wu cash in your bank account

Dial toll free number 0800-11-342. give your 10-digit MTCN range (provided by the sender), CNIC number, name, and your bank account number (linked with 1LINK or MNET) with branch code to induce your payment transferred on to your bank account. Your payments are going to be instantly transferred to your bank account.
You will receive a confirmation SMS that your cash from Western Union is with success transferred to your native bank account.

Western Union

Salient features

You can call 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.
The service is totally free.
You can avail this service notwithstanding you don’t have associate account in Dubai Islamic Bank.

An SMS marketing campaign has additionally been launched to aware individuals of Islamic Republic of Pakistan regarding this new service. Following messages in Urdu, relating to this service, as sent to my mobile variety from 2342.

Western Union


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