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LUMS student’s Death due to drug overdose

A post-mortem report has shown that Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) student was found dead in his hostel room had overdosed on medication.

Fifth-semester Finance and Accounting student Shahmir Asif Bajwa was found ‘unresponsive’ in bed in his area on December twelve. LUMS administration was aware like a shot when he was found and Shahmir was like a shot shifted to National Defence Hospital, wherever the doctors same he had expired earlier throughout the day.


After discovering Shahmir’s body, LUMS management concerned the police, who have expressed that the deceased’s area was searched and a few of his personal belongings and cigarettes were sent to a research laboratory for examination.

According to the police, Shameer’s body was bimanual over to his family when the post-mortem, and that they have left for Shahmir’s town urban center, wherever the burial was because of occur.

In a statement issued late Tuesday, the university acknowledged that the death was so tragic, however didn’t make sure whether or not or not it had been caused by drug drug: “There has since been speculation among the media that Shahmir’s death was caused by a drug overdose. whereas the reason behind death has nevertheless to be determined, the LUMS administration would really like to form clear that it recognises that drug and abuse may be a real challenge plaguing academic establishments and society at massive, which this issue is taken very seriously.”


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