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Adventurer Arrived In Karachi to complete Guinness World Record

The US was the old 27-year-old in Karachi on Wednesday to watch a little part of the journey daring to put the Guinness world record of becoming the first woman to travel to 196 countries, including Pakistan 191 city landmarks.

The current record is held by an American man finished achievement in three years and three months. Cassandra, however, has been traveling for about 17 months now and has only five other countries – Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Syria, Yemen and Turkmenistan – to go.

“I still do not have a visa for the last three. But that’s the way it was., Said Dawn” has been applied as I travel.

Asked why he did not apply at all when we draw the mission has said it can not most of the visas were given time. For example, Pakistan visa for 10 days only. “It took four months to finally get the green signal,” she said.

In Pakistan, Casey, as she likes to be called, is the guest (PATA) Travel Pakistan chapter Asian Association and the Pacific at the request of the headquarters of Bata, Thailand. In fact, he helped the President of Pakistan prohibited largest A. Sharif to facilitate the entry of their visa procedures here. The program has been organized in Pakistan, the Asian network of public relations on a voluntary basis, to promote a positive image of Pakistan.

He gave a lecture at the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, one at the Rotary Club. They also planted seedlings with the mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar on Tuesday.

World Record

At 18, Casey also spent her first year of college in Costa Rica. “Later, when I was 21 years old, and I even saved dollars in 2000, making it possible for me to travel to 25 countries. I said I can keep those trips to get jobs, and sleeping in the stations, and so forth.” “I tried to provide an online course after that for only $ 5, but failed. I think that you do not have enough experience at that time, as I do now.”

Casey was traveling alone all the time. “I wish I could have brought my cat with me,” she smiled longingly on the fact that the stray cats on the steps of the mausoleum Alqaid- I- and Azzam. “I wish I could take her with me.”

But the young adventurer travels light. “I have a bag on the deportation of all. I do not collect souvenirs and gifts that I get I have them shipped to the United States. I just can not bear the additional baggage.” The only thing you take with her and her memories and many of the photos and videos that have of themselves in the places visited.

Casey give a lecture at the International Bar Association, Karachi

World Record

The visit to the museum at the shrine Alqaid- I- Azam history lesson as well as sightseeing. Offered the father of saved things in the country, including his own bedroom, office, golf clubs, apparel and automotive her want to know more about him, and how it came about Pakistan on the world map.

Go from there to the next stop, the Palace Mohatta, each bus or vehicle through which highlighted the “Wow!” I saw a bus here that means the most beautiful road transport. Later, she was in seventh heaven when the stroller praised her hosts that have taken up and down the street.

After a flight from Palau it began on July 24, 2015, and after traveling far and wide, and says that everywhere I went she met great people. “In Oman, Syrian refugees cook them dinner for me,” she said.



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