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Alcohol and drinking habits are harming Pakistani families

Alcohol, often considered a drink of choice all over the world, I found, manufactured and sold all over the country. Different parts of Pakistan produces different types of alcohol, though, it has been announced in the Sacred drink Islam in Pakistan. Alcohol is sold in Pakistan through the agendas of non-Muslims, but, in fact, are consumed by a good majority of Muslims living in the country.

Alcohol brings to the person sensation begins where the loss of consciousness and go amid the fog of a sense of a medically induced which satisfies drink more than others. Consumed all over the world, it is known that the drug / drink to cause a wide range of problems for the consumer himself, and collateral damage to their families.


Unlike many other countries in the world, in Pakistan, it is considered to be holy family. And given the relationship between the child and his parents, husband and his family, and every other blood relationship priority and greater respect than anywhere else in the world, which is one of the most prominent teachings of Islam.

This heavy drinkers who consume alcohol on a regular basis to get addicted to it and can not do without it. He called many of the “medicine” without which it can not survive. It is important to add here that this addiction does not come without a price. This heavy drinkers, conscientiously normal, resorting to verbal and physical measures that they will do when they are not under the influence of alcohol.

Why alcohol is that it makes you forget the importance of relationships, and therefore, the drink and then do the things that often regret after hangover. The most prominent impact of this addiction to children, who see their fatheralcohol (House Speaker), drink a day, and the resort to domestic violence and their mother, using abusive language and not being the same as they do on this day.

Many heavy drinkers who are addicted seasoned controls these violent explosions, but the majority do not. Spouse and children beaten, forget about responsibilities and other evils often lead to divorce.


Control urged alcoholism


As serious as the issue is, if these heavy drinkers can not quite let go of the addiction, and there are some steps that can help cut it down to a large extent and the reduction of violence that harm their families.

Set realistic and honest objectives of drinking, alcohol consumption in small quantities, not drinking on an empty stomach, and avoid situations in which heavy drinking is mandatory. Small steps like these can go a long way.alcohol Addition, government authorities need to make sure that alcohol is not sold publicly in the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Recently, the Sindh government has accused a complete ban on alcohol, but it was uplifted with a little hue and cry.

Alcoholic beverages and heavy drinkers need to remember that they are not alone in this world, there is a whole family Related, which is completely responsible for them. It takes children from more than one scenario, binding negative impact to face the consequences at the present time drinkers “in the future. Let us together as a community, to try to control this scourge as much as we can.


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