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Prime Minister’s Dinner Bill have raised many questions

Pakistan, a country that the rich live a life of luxury and lack of sleep hungry, and saw literally everything when it comes to spending say. Anyone got a hold of the prime minister and his dinner bill procession in Balochistan and the numbers will surely drive you crazy!

The bill is actually leaked from the Prime Minister’s visit and his procession to the rest home Pishin in Balochistan, with food services is through Quetta Serena Hotel. Dinner meet nearly 350 people in the “VVIP outdoor dining to the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Pishin.”

The bill was leaked on social networking pages with about 91,000 members.


And it sent the bill Quetta Serena Hotel to the Minister of Finance, Baluchistan, which thanked him for “the usual patronizing” from Quetta Serena Hotel. The bill offered and details of the meeting digits conducted in Pishin comfort-building for 350 people, while the cost / person buffet (dinner) Rs. 5500.

Total expenditure for dinner one-time cost the government around Rs Baluchistan. 3425000 (three million four hundred and twenty-five thousand rupees only). It is said that the dinner for the prime minister Ouchmlt favorite “Paaya and Nihari”, along with a host of other dishes. Restaurants also included transport, curtains, and arrangement of heating and all other necessities for “VVIPS”.


While the common man in Pakistan usually sleeps hungry, Rs. 3.5 million spent on dinner for the prime minister. Imagine PM sovereign attend the lunch and dinner outside his workplace twice a day, and the cost of Pakistan around Rs. 7000000, which is more than the average person earns through his entire life. It seems that capitalism has gripped her feet in the country, senior officials, but all responsible for the threat of socialism in Pakistan, an economic system that is a favorite of our “friends every season,” the Chinese.

The Prime Minister and the government in charge often talk about the poor man’s feelings, emotions and across the board accountability. Why do you need 350 people to spend Rs 35 lakh to eat (once), and if this is the case? Why do not we think of the tremendous waste of money and tax the common man, which had been paid after cutting your stomach? Why is it so hard for the people in power to see through the silhouette of poverty, which seems only to an escalation, not conservative?


In short, we can say that the Pakistanis did not learn from history. They did not learn from their mistakes, and they do not know who is ever a thing of life. This catastrophic expenditures must be condemned in the name of treatment “VVIP”. Also, the cost of the bill is really that much or is this another case of corruption day after day simplified?


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