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1st Pakistani Woman to join Bomb Disposal Unit

This woman set a great example for our society. Meet, Rafia Qassim Baig, she became the first Pakistani woman to engage in the bomb disposal unit.

In our society, it is rare for women to participate in activities such as this adventurer. It is partly because of these capabilities has occupied largely by men for a long time. It seemed that the idea of women taking the course in this capacity are not valid.


But where there is one thing for too long, and sometimes changed and remains prominent Rafia added to the cart. If you want to entitle it women’s empowerment and gender equality, and Rafia beaten the odds and made itself proud.

She belongs from Peshawar, KPK and will make in the same province, which was the center of major terrorist attacks in the past.


Look at her career offers its services in the police force as a policeman 7 years ago. She plans to work in the bomb disposal unit (BDU) after it ends a period of 15 days of training along with 31 members of the opposite sex in Nowshera School of dealing with explosives.

Training period is unfolding in many of the things that she’ll learn. During the session, she learned about the types of bombs, and to identify the various devices and measures to defuse them.

It comes from an educated family, to inspire them to choose such a career path emerged after a blast near a court sessions 7 years motived since. I got a master’s degree in international relations. She also pursue another master’s degree in economics and worked at the International Rescue Committee. This is the time when the passion for the law and take the LLB program currently underway grew.


Because of her academic qualifications, she has many of the relevant institutions in various job offers, both the public and private sectors. However, he chose to follow her passion and join the police force in the KPK extremists when they claim a continuing threat.

Undergone training in various fields including Michni, Salman Khel, Adezai in Peshawar. These areas have been declared to be red zones. It patrols of these areas with the members to join them in general. In 2010, she rescued a doctor reading Lady’s Hospital, Dr. Intikhab Alam two days after he was kidnapped.

Rafia break and set an example for all women seeking recognition of their work stereotype in Pakistan. Encourage her story many women who may seem to look at the work in such a capacity to serve only one function of sex.

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