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The world's unique island on which France and Spain are Rules one by one

World’s unique island on which France and Spain are Rules one by one

France and Spain who falls into the river flowed over a shared border is the Atlantic Ocean BDAsaw. In the first 6 km from BDAsaw place is an island which is called the “Pheasant. The appearance of a normal a small island, but its individuality is that there is a changed Government six months later! In the second half of the year, this island is in the ownership of the rest of the half, France and Spain. In the seventeenth century, creating a dispute between the two countries because this island, and battles were also on the field between the neighbors land. The end of the 30-year conflict was an agreement finally in 1659. This agreement, the agreement is called peronas.
Located between France and Spain peronas shared border mountain range and it is the same river flowing along the mountain chain in the Bay of Biscay and stayed at crashed into comes in. Between the Nations if River running, then to determine the border, usually this method is used that the river supposedly divided from each part of the country is on the right next to the concept.
The clee area of 1.5 kilometres, the island contains with respect to distribution into two parts is in the center of the River, which should be. The Government of France, and the other is a part of Spain, but instead suggested the two countries for six months, six island unique to pass one by one of the two parties are in the domain. It wasestablished the joint authority over the Pheasant.
System of Government under which they shared authority over an area more than one Nations is right. A similar area is Antarctica. Historically, some of the national system of Government was established in a few areas, national or two but he could not be maintained in the long term. But three centuries after passing the system in thePheasant is established. In this way, this island is the land was shared by the oldest of.
Treaty was not a regular on the Pheasant before peronas domain. France and Spainon joint meetings and Imperial officials used to exchange prisoners. Many on the island also came to historical events. The King of France, Louis VII‘s own Anna was here meeting with Spanish spouse. With Anna‘s brother Philip IV was also later Louis VII‘s sister Elizabeth have made partner. Louis and Elizabeth’s was the same crafts during the meeting. In the subsequent years, this was the first of the many Kings of the future on the island and met empresses.
In the past, ordinary people can visit the island, but later the prohibition on dishes here, which still maintained.

World’s unique island where France and Spain rule for 6 months | Dunya News

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