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child labor

Don’t ask children to take tool – Child Labor

Child labor has become one of the most major concerns of the whole world. It means child-term labor and type of work harmful to some extent or not suitable for children of a certain age.

It’s not just physical harm that is associated with child labor, child labor, but also take advantage of our children in many ways.

Children who start work by the way of working age are usually faced with issues such as mental stress, low morals and lack of education and feelings of inferiority.

Much has been written, and many voices were raised to address this issue, but in all fairness, the proportion of child labor has increased in reality instead of getting low.

UNICEF has already taken the initiative to look into the matter, and they are doing some commendable work, but the fact is that one organization will never succeed against poverty which is forcing our children to work for their gains.

Estimated almost forced 10% of children between the ages of 10-14 in the Asia to work because of poverty or other reasons and there is no support for them since the non-governmental organizations or organizations of children can not cover this great causes.

child labor

According to reports, in Pakistan, there are about 10.7 million children (aged 5-14) of the 70 million who work for their income, and most of them even the sole breadwinners for their families.

The Government of Pakistan has made some strict rules and guidelines for the rescue child workers from a very large burden, but unfortunately, there are not a lot of people (owners and heads) that follow the rules and therefore these rules are still far from practical application.

child labor

We are all aware that 40% of our population living lives below the poverty line and deprived of necessities such as shelter, food and clothing that force their children to work so it’s our duty to help them and the first step is to stop the violation of laws that aim to avoid child labor.

Second, we must raise our voices for children’s funds to increase and we will see that there will be a decrease in the proportion of child labor once our government declares them the appropriate allowances.

Moreover, we should also raise the level of education in the villages and poor areas, it should be eliminated based on class education system that will greatly help to reduce the rate of child labor in the countryside.

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