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Man threw coffee on Muslim Woman in US

The homeless man in New York was charged after throwing hot coffee steaming in the face of Muslim women.

Allegedly Nathan Gary, 34, threw coffee on the face of 21 years of age, and called her ‘terrorist’ at a Dunkin ‘Donuts branch in midtown Manhattan.

“I gave him coffee and he told me something about the terrorists,” said an employee Dunkin Donuts. “He walked away from me and sat next to a group of Muslim women.”

“It was hot, hot coffee. She could have been burning! She then turned his bag at her and hit her in the face.” According to the New York police, the woman tried to run away but Gary put her in a headlock.

And the spread of hate crimes in New York in recent months with the New York Police Department officials vowing to quickly prosecute the suspects. “If the thought of anyone in New York City from engaging in this type of behavior, just rest assured that you will be identified, arrested and charged accordingly,” said Police Commissioner James O’Neill told reporters.


According to FBI statistics of hate crimes have risen by 67 per cent – the highest level since the deadly attacks in the United States in 2001 and.



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