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Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq talking about body shaming

The worst thing people in our society can do is to label somebody based on their characteristics. “Kalli”, “Moti”, Patli “,” acne and to “not what – how people ignore every other aspect of relating to a person’s character and focus only on what they see on the outside of these names appear.

Even the strongest people are held back or intimidation when they are told by society that they are not “perfect” in terms of their appearance or their physical fitness. What makes a beautiful and powerful people are the way they ignore the statements are worthless and work hard to achieve their dreams. This is exactly what the Pakistani actress beautiful Hareem Farooq did.

Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq

hareem farooq

“After that God blessed worked with some amazing people and received tremendous love of the fans, who ruled me more on my talent from my ‘body’, I realized that what is really important. This is your health, mind and heart and soul. The rest is all secondary. I think each becomes a secondary thing pretty soon as the initial sort.
Today I just want to reach all people, especially women, who are friends-shamed body, family, teachers and parents who are struggling to make their bodies home for themselves. You are beautiful inside out, regardless of what society wants you to be – as I am!

Learn to love and accept yourself, we all have flaws learn to embrace and make it your strength. Do not let the label you community standards. Let your confidence speak for you. So keep your heart in the right place and walk with your head high because you are God’s creation and all that creates a simply beautiful!


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