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80% OFF on 200+ Restaurants by Foodpanda

Follow the traditions close the year with a tasty treat

Pakistan’s much loved food Order online platform, foodpanda, cook something delicious again! It has announced 23 December 2016 to 25 to three days of cooking with a loud and clear message: “#DontCook (23-25 ​​December), through its campaign” The Best of 2016, where they will be offering up to 80% discount on more than 200 restaurants of the country. This is a strong call for all food lovers there looks really promising.

According to foodpanda team, and accurate idea behind this campaign to close a spectacular this year with a bang! Since then, in the last week of December is the same as the time to celebrate this year – all the kids enjoy the winter holidays. The whole nation is celebrating a national holiday on the birthday gala account the Great Leader; and the foodpandaChristian community in Pakistan celebrates Eid Birth – from now on foodpanda had planned to convert these celebrations in a grand celebration with its plan blogging mind: The whole nation is to lock up the kitchens and arranged in the foodpanda for three consecutive days, and spend a great time with their loved ones delicious food, which costs next to nothing!

It is expected to hold one of the largest deals and discounts offered ever this campaign! Occur, which by the way that enthusiasts of users foodpanda -Are all very excited since food chains favorite Pakistan such as KFC and McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, OPTP, Broadway, New York Pizza, and many more – celebrities, top chefs and restaurants foodpandapartnership and all other food lovers will make a huge flat discounts and deals huge value for money on foodpanda give their customers the complete comfort of the demand with only a few clicks on their phone.

Naaman Iskandar, says CEO foodpanda, “better than 2016 this year in all parts of it will be wonderful! Amazing discounts that we do for our customers throughout the year have been collected in just three days, with up to 80% discounts on more than 200 top restaurants. therefore 0.23 in December 25th cave of my banana Khanna Nahi Hai, Sirf foodpanda itself mangwana Hai! ”

Thus, after having savored deals foodpanda exclusive on the best restaurants during their events, such as a flat 20% of the conductivity for free, the anniversary 4TH foodpanda, and great food festival on the Internet, Black Friday, and many campaigns more exciting throughout the year, we wait with our mouth drooling, and I wished, for close delicious like this happens in 2016!


Foodpanda food is delivered mobile phones in the world market and based in Berlin, Germany, which operates in 24 countries and territories. This service allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via the mobile application, as well as the site. The company has cooperated with more than 40,000 restaurants. foodpanda is one of the fastest growing companies in e-commerce in Pakistan. Internet giant recently achieved a milestone really exceptional in record time where 1000000000 PKR stood in generating revenue.


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