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Haleeb Foods felt shameful on social media

Yesterday, it was unfortunate precedent in Pakistan when EDGE viral, social media advertising and the agency based in Karachi, excelled on the Facebook page of the Food and milk publicly ask the company to clear its outstanding receivables.

Viral edge, in order to get the other party to clarify his dues, and loaded below the pictures on milk food with a message that read:

“Dear fans, please help us in restoring our payments owed for more than seven months because of the milk foods.”

It was less than the image that appears on the page food formula that has more than 100,000 fans on it.



Here’s what really happened:

  • Foods milk contracted viral EDGE for the development of two sites (one of the foods milk and another sister concern)
  • signed a proper contract on legal documents
  • EDGE viral placed each of the sites
  • Making milk foods partial payment
  • Somewhere before the final delivery, the dispute arose, and said milk EDGE viral that the contract is terminated
  • EDGE claims viral offered revisions, but no milk Foods do not respond to any e-mail messages
  • This happened a few months ago and the question remained both with food and milk viral EDGE fails to resolve the dispute and outstanding payments.

Interestingly, the contract did not include any conditions for any damages in the event of termination of service. However, no milk to an amicable solution of the issue before parting ways with the viral EDGE.

EDGE viral kept sending them e-mail messages that went unanswered.

Another error on the part of milk that EDGE had viral control on the page milk food through their account manager.

Three weeks ago, officials remove EDGE viral food milk current agency of the page and seized control of the Facebook page.

EDGE showed viral ProPakistani the e-mail sent to officials foods milk they say shame on them publicly if they do not solve their payment issues, but this e-mail went unanswered as well.

In the end viral EDGE, out of desperation, and upload the pictures above to embarrass publicly foods milk.

Errors in the milk part in:

  • They do not amicable solution to the issue, because it failed to terminate the contract in a way that is acceptable to both parties
  • They failed (perhaps forgotten) to remove EDGE viral official pages
  • They did not respond to e-mail messages EDGE viral say that at least they will not pay for them

Errors on the part of viral EDGE:

  • It did not include the potential for termination of the contract results. In always advised, especially in commercial information technology services, for example, what would happen if the client terminate the contract prematurely for any reason. Provisions such as the percentage of the payment being made have been incorporated, for example.
  • It did not participate legally milk foods
  • EDGE viral could have gone to the media – without taking the law into their own hands – to put pressure on milk foods if they do not respond at all
  • They took the law into their own hands and committed cyber crime by changing the digital assets of the foods milk content.
  • As of now, food and milk perusing the case in legal terms, the result is not yet known. Facebook pages of milk food is still under the control of viral EDGE.

You need brands in Pakistan also have to understand that vendors are partners (not subordinates) and any transactions with them must be fair, in a timely manner and on the basis of merit.

This incident serves hope a lesson for everyone in the industry.

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