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Pakistan’s Largest Steel Factory to be made by China

Zhao Lijian said on Monday that his country set up a large factory for steel in Gwadar to further accelerate economic developments taking place under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework.

“Both China and Pakistan will sign very soon an agreement to establish a steel plant, three times larger than the free economic zone being created in the city of Gwadar,” he made this announcement while addressing the participants in the conference for one day on the CPEC: potential and prospects organized by the Institute strategic vision (SVI) here.


He said the fourth pillar of the pillars of industrial cooperation CPEC initiative and all of the country will be discussed at the next meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) of CPEC to be held in Beijing this month.

“After the completion of energy, infrastructure, transportation and the development of Gwadar port projects, and industrial cooperation between China and Pakistan will be the main topic at the next Joint Coordinating Committee.”

Zhao Jian told me that China has been working a lot for the development of Gwadar port, which was built with the help of the Chinese government.

He said, after completion, the port has been delivered to more than Singapore, but there was no improvement even after five years.

Finally, it was given to the Chinese government by the Pakistani government made functional port and ship carrying Chinese goods to have left Africa.

A business center and hostel for different companies and fisheries factory is equipped with cold storage facility was set up in a free economic zone spread over approximately nine kilometers.

About Gwadar airport up gradation, said: The new international airport has a landing facility for all modern aircraft, including the A-380 Airbus after completion, adding, by up included C-130 only or propeller planes can land at the old airport.steel

Acting Chinese Ambassador, it was being built 150-bed hospital to treat the local population while the vocational institute put up to provide training of different skills, especially for the fishermen.

Talk about different energy that have been completed in the framework of CPEC initiative in different parts of Pakistan project, and said he is particularly noted for power plants operating on coal, which are being built in accordance with environmental standards set by the World Bank (WB) and other relevant international organizations.

He said that China produces about 60 percent of total power generation by power plants fueled by coal based on the use of modern technology and state-of-the-art.

“Environmental concerns will be taken into account in the completion of these power stations,” he added.

He noted Zhao Lijian hydro power station and coal power plants based on wind power plants and solar energy-based power plants that are being developed to address the lack of electricity in Pakistan.

He informed that the electricity generating station in Karot was being funded by the Silk Bank established by the Chinese government.

There will be a foundation stone for Suki Kinari Hotel, Kohala hydropower project early next year, he added, will be completed Sahiwal power plant to generate electricity and Port Qasim plant by next June and December respectively.

The power plant, which was held in the Thar coal site would also be opened in June.

He said the power plant HUBCO, one of the largest power plant running on coal, would provide a constant and stable power supply throughout the year.

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