Easy Ways to block unwanted calls and sms in Pakistan


The phone is a personal device and the number of your identity. When bother some people unknown to you call or SMS you feel like someone had barged in on your privacy.

Also increased the use of the phone in the country, so it has a disturbing and unnecessary calls also mail messages size. Marketers send bulk SMS messages to forward advertising and promotional campaigns. People who grew conduct prank calls or tease people over the phone is also with the passage of time.

The best way to deal with this is to prevent these callers and spammers. Thankfully all operators provide SMS services and call blocking.

We have a list of all of them below for your convenience.

Note: “0333xxxxxxx ‘in packs below refers to any mobile phone number that you need to block / unblock.

Mobilink Jazz Call/SMS Block Service


We may withhold SMS & very simple service calls, and you just need to dial USSD code to prevent or white list number. Use the code, they can either block or blacklist numbers only receive calls and text messages from contacts in the white list.

You also get the option to change the caller tones numbers blocked.

In the menu gives you the following options:

  • Add a number to the blacklist
  • Check numbers in the black list
  • Removal of a number
  • unsubscribe
  • Changing blacklist caller tune
  • Call black history list
  • Showing blacklist

Subscribe: Dial * 420 # or send SMS “help” to 420

Unsubscribe: Dial * 420 #

Subscription Charges: Rs. 0.99 / day (pre-payment), Rs. 20 + Tax.Month (postpaid)

Limit: No. 50 in the list of

Help command: Send “Help” to 420

You can also prevent the promotional messages and jazz for free by sending a “BLOCK” to 3627.

Telenor call and SMS Blocker


Operate service call blocker unwanted Telenor in much the same way. You can get rid of short messages and unwanted calls by simply dialing USSD or sending an SMS.

Like the Jazz get all of the black list and white list. Enable all works the same way, too.

Subscribe: Dial * 420 # or send a “sub” to 420

Unsubscribe: Dial * 420 # or sending “unsub” to 420

Subscription Charges: Rs. 20 + taxes / month (postpaid and prepaid)

Edit fees blacklist: Rs. 2 / SMS to 420


To block: SMS b 0333xxxxxxxx to 420
To unblock: SMS UB 0333xxxxxxx to 420

Ufone U- Block SMS & call


SMSSMS and call blocking Ufone service operates in much the same way although the service needs an update to make it work as smoothly as the others. There is no option in the white list with Ufone as well.

Subscribe: Send a “sub” to 420

Unsubscribe: Send “flowed” to 420

Subscription Charges: Rs. 3.75 + tax / week (pre-payment), Rs. 15 + taxes / month (postpaid)

Edit fees blacklist: Rs. 1 + taxes / SMS to 420, 0.10 / min to 420 IVR

Help command: Send “H” to 420

Limit: 20 days net 0.20 outside the net


To prevent: SMS 0333xxxxxxxx prevent mass 0300xxxxxxx to 420
To release: SMS does not prevent the release 0333xxxxxxx 0300xxxxxxx to 420

Warid Call and SMS Block 420


With the short message service and a ban Ward calls, you can block all domestic and international phone numbers. There are no restrictions although you can not use a white list feature with Ward.

You can also own a blocking call ring-back tone selection. Ward even allows users to record their own messages to those lousy callers who are completely abandoned.

Ward also provides the option to be alerted whenever you obnoxious caller is trying to call or send short messages.

Subscription: Send “Sub” to 420 or call 420

Unsubscribe: Send “Stop” to 420 or contact 420

Subscription Charges: Rs. 19 + taxes / month (prepayment and postpaid)

Edit fees blacklist: Rs. 2 + tax / SMS to 420.2 + tax / min at 420 IVR

Limit: Unlimited


To prevent: SMS mass 0321xxxxxxxx to 420
To release: SMS release 0321xxxxxxx to 420

Zong Call/SMS Block SMS


Call and SMS blocking Cong service also allows to prevent local numbers, as well as international numbers without any additional charge. Available in multiple languages ​​to serve the IVR.

This service does not provide the white list feature which enables you to block all calls except for certain numbers.

Subscription: Send “sub” to call 420 or 420

Unsubscribe: Send “flowed” to 420 or call 420

Subscription Charges: Rs. 15 + taxes / month (postpaid)

Liberation fees blacklist: 1 + tax / call 420 IVR, SMS is charged at the rate of natural package

Limit: Unlimited


To prevent: SMS mass 0314xxxxxxxx to 420
To release: SMS Unblock 0314xxxxxxx to 420



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Easy Ways to block unwanted calls and sms in Pakistan

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