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University’s Chairman Slaps Protesting Student in Punjab

University’s Chairman Slaps Protesting Student in Punjab

There appeared a latest incident of brutality in the state of Punjab, where student at the university faced violence.

The university chairman was the real disturbance for all.

This particular incident of violence is one of many that have occurred in the past. Resort to highlight the brutality on the part of the competent authority in this incident.

The violence was a major dilemma in our society. However, it has created problems, let alone solve any. Violent incidents in which large spread rumors of women being victims elevated to a large extent.

It is said that with the utmost dismay that some men in our society to resort to violent measures to make a point.


We take on the state of Punjab, where the incident occurred. We have documentary evidence of violence and to inform the victim after the fact. See for yourself:

Here you can clearly see a student to launch a protest against some issue. The man who is said to Chairman of the fees the university forward, instead of dealing politely dignified manner chose to engage in acts of violence and brutality.

Look at the man charged forward, cast off the domination of the Supreme God knows why the name degrades human values, respect and dignity for the people he is going to deal with it.

What if a student is right by the protest or not, violence is not the way to deal with it.

She reports on the president of engaging in violence towards them. They chose to do violence in retaliation for the protest. Not only did it slaps the student said, but also bear his anger on the other students involved in the incident.

See the head of this university in the state of Punjab as he sets an example for dealing with Protestants, but with nothing to do violence. It is a fact lamentation to believe that the power which it may be assumed that many people consider the pupil is completely portray such a character.

It is sad to think our society is still not grown to make violence as part of reprisals. There is nothing wrong with a difference, showing revenge but violence on men or women by any person is justified at all.

In fact, there are much better ways to show revenge. It all comes down to one character. This is the man who accused of violence clearly reflects a deeper lack of security in a way that deals with this issue.

Violence must stop. Violence must be condemned on any basis. You do not have to be a feminist or a socialist, you have to be man enough to empathize and to differentiate between what is right and wrong. Can you be the next, regardless of nationality. Say no to violence.


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