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BNU Bestival ’17 – Great Event Coming This Year

Multi-annual event category Beacon-house National University, and Bestival, is back again and it is greater than ever. Being a substantive event, team Bestival change the look of this event every year more interesting to make them. Under the previous title Bestivals about superheroes, steam villain and even the core. This year, however, and Bestival is about something else. This year, Bestival and wants to talk about sustainability. This year, Bestival wants us to join hands and save our planet. This year, Bestival BNU go green.


This is due to the result of excessive human activity, have become environmental issues on our planet more and more disturbing in the recent past. Because of these reasons that the BNU Bestival chose to make way for a new adventure by answering a call Mother Nature for help by not only the celebration of all that Mother Nature has given us, but by giving back.


Rating for a cleaner world, pure hope, carries the title of this year’s Bestival “pristine seventeen.”

For those who do not know, Bestival BNU is a multi-category, which is characterized by multiple competitions during the day happened, and social events at night. This event occurs over four days, featuring a total of 23 competitions in total. The competitions are divided into three main categories, namely: Performing Arts (art of acting, comedy, the art of movement), the media and literature (video production, photography, poetry) and sports (football, volleyball, table tennis). When all competitions have taken place during the day, and then allowed participants to relax by enjoying social events in the evening. Over the years, there have been a variety of social events held at Bestival, such as fashion shows and concerts from household names such as Nuri, and even night Qawwali featuring Mr. Asif Ali Santoo himself.

So now that we know everything about what is Bestival, let’s talk about what makes it special. Bestival is composed by students, for students. Every aspect of this event is, to some extent, part of an effort by the students of BNU. Collect money from sponsors, to deal with the logistics, to design a logo for the competitions go, this is done all of the young defender.



BNU Bestival’s official Media Pages:
Facebook: BNU Bestival
Twitter: @BNUBestival
Snapchat: @BNUBestivallive
Instagram: @bnubestival
Website: http://www.bestival.bnu.edu.pk/

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