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Must Watch Commercial for our Society

Must Watch Commercial for our Society

Another day another stereotype to go down. This time, it’s one the latest commercial for the brand in Pakistan, which has a valuable lesson for all of us.

Our society is laden with stereotypes. We would like everyone to know. Perhaps the easiest thing to resort quickly to non-judgment. We like to jump to conclusions and the provisions of the model.

Drawing inference from the judgments we often do not realize what gives away or what is the downside of it. Sometimes our judgments hurt the feelings of the people directly, it taints our values ​​and lead to conflict.

To fight this issue, we would like to emphasize the provisions impending our dilemma prevailing in our society. We have an individual responsibility to confront it and to provide an inspirational message.

This Pakistani commercial succeeded in highlighting the SAME very inspiring way. See for yourself:

In fact, a strong message is delivered. This forces us to change our models. Adduced by us to look beyond the stereotypes and, most importantly, empathy.

Empathy is what hits us to look deep down in something. And it denies the existence of the rule of shallow and displays immersed in the truth-finding.

This announcement puts a lot of pressure from our things marking. Described by the people, facts and opinions marking, labeling, generally, describing everything with absolute rule we have. Judging described herself, based on the ingenuity of our intellectual.

Shallow judgments is very objective. To anyone to get these provisions certainly feel narrowed down on an empty value as a human being ratio.

This particular business is also very inspirational in the likelihood that it is not mainstream, such as comfort, mostly ads we see on a daily basis. You did not star in a celebrity flaunting their bodies, dancing to music from a neighboring country to us. It does not promote sexism, objectification or anything where both are basic message is lost, the core content of the declaration in the epidemic such things trivial.


We are delighted that these brands think outside the mainstream and the norm. We are delighted to be aware of the true essence of marketing.

As consumers, we enjoy products but we like it when these products also play an important role in bringing about change in our society.

We must continue to think beyond the narrow provisions we have. More importantly, should we stop judging people in such ways that hurt their feelings, even doing it behind their backs. Just think of how you can get off them to refrain us.

We must promote empathy and continue to spare the people and raise the human values we have. Live and let live.



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