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Mawra speaks up after Urwa-Farhan Wedding

Urwa and Farhan Saeed being the buzz this season of their entire wedding. Often we come across positions how “vulgar” the couple is simply because they show public display of affection were called before, degrading names whenever strange published their pictures on social media.

While the couple had a deep love for each other without showing any fear, warriors decided social media to take on every opportunity they have to mock the buttonhole and hilarious, even on their wedding day.

wedding wedding wedding wedding

To talk about the extent of the inadequacy of all this seemed sister decided to buttonhole in Mawra Hocane to talk about how disappointed she and her sister, I have felt after coming across these terrible comments. Here’s what the publication:

“DISCLAIMER: I’m pouring my heart into this post, read only if you are ALL for LOVE!

While I thank the millions of you who prayed for us, who wish well for us and still do, in the heart of a very overloaded I want to express my sadness and disappointment that a small percentage of people who are good for nothing but pointing fingers to others because it is easy .
I usually do not respond to negative as it does not affect me, but this time it’s about my family. While I soaked Now we are three public figures in one family, and I want to say that we are still human beings.
Sister injured her ankle on nikkah her to the point she could not walk the next day, but what do you know about pain because all I saw was a big smile on her face because she greeted each fan and each member of the family. We will not tell you, and you will not notice it, of course, being a hater gets you attention.
Unfortunately though, it is these same critics, who, when they are not invited to attend the event, complaining about how the celebrity does not give them the importance they deserve.

We tried to withdraw from the event for one day with the desire to satisfy everyone. Family and fans and the media, instead of the usual weddings for three days, taking place in every nook and corner of the country after you say we are not insensitive to the fans, and it is a wrong precedent to set. I really have no idea what was wrong until just so you know we did not spin a stick and got it all right. In spite of our agendas and we are working hard and so have all the participating teams to pull the wedding from everyone because it is a huge celebration for me and my family and all the families to do everything for their loved ones. It was only my wedding ceremony sister for heaven’s sake!

Yes, you’re right I have a new precedent.
There is a precedent to embrace love in public places, which is a precedent for raising the level of each other, a precedent has the patience and energy to celebrate with anyone and everyone and precedent to not give a damn about what is being written.
It’s not a movie or a show where I would take the criticism and consider it productive. We shared with you to make you part of our celebrations.

If you have a problem with it, and deal with it. No one knows how the two of them know them. I have known of their journey, and the highs and lows. I saw them meet the needs of millions of people through their work. And if they decide to share happy memories with the fans who see him as like a family, and the people who make us what we are, and then allow them to make this choice. This will not accept the speculation about the possibility of the most memorable day.

We are all grateful for all the love and prayers that we have received, there is no way I will let anyone minimize the good wishes with strong criticism over petty / unnecessary issues.
Close your eyes and think for a moment what you lack in your life that you find pleasure in pointing fingers to others. It’s probably a void because of the absence of love and compassion.

So here’s a bucket full of love for you. Live and let live. We as a family are interested in it, well for you, and hope to do well.
The only love and love
Mawra – sister of the bride trying to shame happy for being on their own wedding day and the sister-in-law, perhaps the most caring and loving person in the world”.


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