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‘Next Gen’ Hearing Aid Develped by Paksitani

Pakistani Professor, a UK based Pakistani, Amir Hussain, along with his team is going to prepare a software which they called a ‘hearing aid’.

This software will be equipped with a camera and lip reading mechanism which will help the people to communicate in noisy places.

The Team has been given a huge amount for this project (£500,000). UK Government’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has funded this amount for the next three years. This project will be a new initiative towards a new environment.Hearing

Since huge amount of people in the world are facing problems of hearing so this software will be very helpful to the people. It is an estimate that 360 million people are suffering for hear loss disease.

How it will work?

According to Professor Amir:

“Hearing existing business is able to work on a sound basis only, but the audio and visual model of the next generation we want to develop will follow cleverly face spokesman goal of visual signals, such as lip reading. This further enhance the audio sounds that are picked up and amplified by conventional hearing aids .

It is expected that the 360-degree approach to design our program to open more everyday environments for users of the device, enabling them to communicate with confidence in the noise with the listening effort reduced settings. ”

Not much info have been revealed about this software but they have said that it will be installed in some kind of glasses or earrings or this type of thing.

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