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Arshad Khan Latest Music Video Left Everyone Shocked

In start, an Islamabad citizen, an ordinary tea-seller, Arshad Khan was all over social media for a long time with his viral picture taken by a pakistani journalist. When she saw that arshad has got fame from a single picture then she realized that god can give a single person that much fame without any effort. It was his luck or nothing else. Now he is a rising star of pakistani industry.

Music Video

In a very short period of time Arshad Khan got famous and he was everywhere i.e. news, videos, commercials, shows etc. He has also been offered many movies but he has not yet confirmed about his role. In past few days, he appeared in Fashion Week with his own style.


During his interview about his working in movies he said, “movie drama mae kaam karne ka socha nahi kyunke ye humare khandaan mae nahi hai. Koi saaf-suttra, gairat wala kaam mile tou kare gay, lekin filmay dramay ka socha nahi. Na karte hai, na kare gay.”


Recently, he have a done photoshoot with singer, Muskan Jay.

Arshad Khan

Muskan Jay is a Pakistani model, singer and also Mrs. Pakistan 2016. Her new song is said to be a rip-off of Noor Jehan’s song. The stills for this song have been released.

Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan

Here’s the link to the interview where Arshad Khan explicitly told how he will follow the patterns of “gairat walay kaam” only:


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