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Nouman Javed

Singer Nouman Javed in Arshad Chaiwala’s Film ‘Kabeer’

The internet sensation won’t be the sole one creating his debut within the approaching film. It seems that he are seen aboard singer Nouman Javed within the 2017 unleash.

Images got back bit with the ‘Dard e Tanhai’ singer, UN agency is currently solely watching for the contract to form things official.

“My character is that the villain of the film. The story is a couple of man from humble beginnings UN agency takes on a lifetime of crime and his transition from smart to dangerous to smart.”

Nouman Javed

“Arshad Khan (Chaiwala) is additionally a section of the film and he’s taking part in my younger brother,” he says. “The main leads area unit Meesam Ali and Rachel Khan, who are also the producers of the film. we’ve not started motion-picture photography nonetheless however we’re hoping to own this film prepared by Eid next year.”

Nouman adds he did not got to do something to urge the role, instead he was ‘discovered.’ “I do not approach folks for all the world. The producer, Meesam Ali, arrived bit with Pine Tree State once he saw the shoots I did for Munib Nawaz and Toni & Guy.”

Nouman Javed

Although Nouman Javed is performing a role in the film but he wishes to sing a song for the film. Sahir Ali Bagga is already selected for the songs of the film and Asrar has also sung a song for the film.



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