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Chashma-III Nuclear Project will end Loadshedding

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday inaugurated power production from 340 power unit Chashma-III nuclear power plant ‘C-III’ close to Mianwali.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the prime minister slammed the opposition, business on them to refrain from ‘sabotaging’ Pakistan’s national interests.

“We should not waste our time launching supererogatory protests,” he said.

“Ending loadshedding is one in all our prime priorities,” he said, reiterating his government’s commitment to finish loadshedding by 2018.

The power project could be a joint collaboration between the Pakistan nuclear energy Commission (PAEC) and China National Nuclear Corporation. it absolutely was dead by the PAEC underneath the rules of the International nuclear energy Agency.


PM Nawaz same the Chashma-III atomic energy plant can add 600MW to the national grid, adding that it’ll additionally facilitate PAEC in achieving the general target of eight,000MW. He additionally directed the PAEC to accelerate the assembly of atomic energy plants.

The premier congratulated the participants and therefore the nuclear energy Commission (PAEC) on timely completion of the project and thanked the China nuclear energy Authority and therefore the Export-Import Bank of China for extending technical and funding to the endeavour.

The Chashma-III atomic energy plant was preceded by the Chashma-I and Chashma-II power comes.

Another unit of an equivalent capability, Chashma-IV, is anticipated to be completed within the returning year. The premier expressed hope that the Chashma-IV would be completed before its point in time.


Additionally, the metropolis atomic energy comes K-II and K-III ar expected to feature a complete of eight,800MW electricity to the national grid by 2030 as a mid-term target for the PAEC.

The prime minister same that timely completion of the K-II and K-III atomic energy plants can strengthen bilateral relations with China. He invited Chinese investors to take a position in numerous sectors in comes that ar interdependent.

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