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3800 year old potato garden in Canada

Ancient potato recently dug abreast of Canada´s seashore area unit blackened, however area unit the primary proof, that North natives tended gardens a minimum of 3800 years in past.

Archeologists crystal rectifier by Tanja Hoffmann and Simon Fraser University terminated that the inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest had designed the soil to amplify production of the wild food plant.


They put in a rock pavement that “formed a boundary for the cultivation” of the potatoes, that were found in growing position.

Also discovered at the positioning was near one hundred fifty fire-hardened wood tool fragments, believed to possess been the ideas of “digging sticks.”

Typically harvested from October to Gregorian calendar month, wapato was a crucial dietary supply of starch through the winter months.

The archaeological excavation recovered three,768 wapato tubers, conjointly referred to as Indian potatoes.

“The remains were dark brown to black in color, and though solely the outside shell or skin survived on several, some conjointly had the starchy material within,” aforesaid the study.

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