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Pakistani Kickboxing Team Shines with 5 Gold Medals

Pakistani athletes have associate degree exemplary talent that they are available to gift on numerous stages. they need galvanized and set exceptional standards with very little resources that they need. These athletes rising with commendable achievements merely show America what proportion potential our folks possess and the way so much their talents will take them given that they need ample support.

Pakistani team of kickboxing bagged a spectacular achievement in Krung Thep, Asian nation after they participated within the World Martial Arts Summit.

The kickboxing event came about in Dec, between the twenty first and twenty eighth, and introduced participants from twelve countries competitive in numerous competitions.

Our illustration was carried by a team of kickboxers. eight proficient fighters in conjunction with five officers United Nations agency took the stage and created history!

Our kickboxing team managed to rack up five gold medals throughout the planet Martial Arts Summit.


He competed against fighters from Bangladesh, Turkey and eventually one opponent from the United States who he defeated in a fantastic showdown. The fight took to round 2 when Inamul Haq defeated the American rival and emerged victoriously.

Each round the team captain fought for a span of over 3 minutes.

In an outlook of the team captain’s background, it is revealed that Inamul Haq has been going through contemporary training for more than 16 years in kickboxing and Martial arts.

He competed at international level for the first time and never failed to fall short of excellence. Considering he did not have experience of fighting on an international stage, it is a big deal how Inamul Haq managed his run in the competition and won it.
Like all other aspiring athletes looking for recognition and sponsorships, Inamul Haq self-financed his trip and each of the team members also had to cover individual expenses of travel and accommodation in Thailand during the tournament.

He credits his exposure to the international stage to Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed who reportedly founded the Bushi Ban International Club.

The team did not have any support from the government. It is a moment of immense pride to realize they managed it all on their own and notched the victory. They struggled and pursued their dreams and set a remarkable example for other aspiring athletes.

There is potential in Pakistan for kickboxing. While it may be overshadowed by the craze for cricket, kickboxing is one of the sports having quite a recognition among locals.


In fact, it has been around for quite a while evident of the photo below:


We would like to check our kickboxing team reaping success on several international stages and creating it to the Olympiad additionally. Certainly, they are doing not disappoint of any talents.

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