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3D’s- Diabetes, Depression & Diabetic Neuropathy

Do you ever notice why folks that square measure plagued by Diabetes produce other severe disorders like Depression, high blood pressure, fat and Diabetic Peripheral pathology???? No?? as a result of Diabetes could be a disorder that becomes the stimulation (etiology) for different disorders like Depression and Diabetic pathology.

Therefore, it’s a time we have a tendency to refer the 3D’s – Diabetes, Depression and Diabetic Neuropathy.
These 3D’s square measure interlinked with each other, that’s Diabetes could result in Depression and Depression could result in Diabetes- through a bi-directional pathway, within the same means Diabetes may additionally cause Diabetic Neuropathies that’s if the patient is plagued by Diabetes than he/she could have a better likelihood to suffer from comorbid conditions like Depression and Diabetic pathology.

The story of the 3D’s isn’t rare, because the pathophysiological comorbid incidence and prevalence of Diabetes – Depression and Diabetic pathology square measure terribly high round the globe.



According to the “International Diabetic Federation”, in 2015, regarding 415 Million folks within the world were diagnosed to own polygenic disorder and by the tip of 2040, this can increase to 642 million. each sixth second, one person dies from Diabetes.

Pakistan has seen dramatic will increase in rates of Diabetes prevalence and incidences over the recent years. there have been over seven million cases of Diabetes in Pakistan in 2015, however these square measure solely rumored numbers, there’s a far a lot of high prevalence of unknown patients of Diabetes in Pakistan.



Depression is another disorder and is on the increase, Depression could be a common disturbance. Globally, associate calculable 350 million folks of all ages suffer from Depression, Depression is that the leading reason behind incapacity worldwide and could be a major contributor to the general world burden of unwellness.

According to BMJ, “In Pakistan, one in 3 people are anxious or depressed”

If a patient is affected by Depression, then he could have compromised the general quality of life as a result of a depressed patient could become isolated, suffer from an absence of social interaction, doesn’t keep on with a healthy way like maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, and medicines treatment and additionally adopt unhealthy behavior like smoking. These all parts are the precursor of diabetes and its complications like Diabetic pathology.



Diabetic neuropathy is also a horrible disorder, Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage that is caused by chronically high blood sugar. Diabetes neuropathy leads to numbness, loss of sensation, and sometimes pain in feet, legs, or hands.

It is the most common complication of diabetes. In general population, there is no recognition of Neuropathy as disorders as they take it as a general numbness, and then there’s the bitter truth that society is still under the impression that Diabetic Neuropathies are just a myth. In our society, there is a misleading concept that tingling and numbness in fingers and toes are due to lack of oxygen or RBCs in blood, which is a false belief.

People who never suffered from neuropathies have no idea about the intensity of neuropathic pain and its consequences in daily life. The person who never suffered from Neuropathy, they just take Neuropathy pain as normal pain, however, in Diabetic Neuropathic Pain, patients have severe pain and worse impact on quality of sleep because his bed of roses turned into a bed of thorns after this disorder.



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