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lengends left us

The year 2016 was undoubtedly a tragic year for Pakistan

Legends Left us in 2106

                                               1.Junaid Jamshed – December 7, 2016
Music world, Junaid Jamshed became initially known for its evergreen ‘Dell Dell Pakistan in 1987. He left the entertainment industry in 2002 to follow Islam turned. He re-emerged later as a host and khuwan naat, also ventured into commerce – J. (Jay points).

Junaid was on the ill-fated the PIA flight 661, which crashed in Hawelian.

                                                               2.Amjad Sabri – June 22, 2016
Amjad Sabri and was one of the leading Pakistani Qawwali singers. He came into the limelight after the death of his father ten years back. In the West, and was known as the ‘Rock of Qawwali “because of his performance mesmerizing.

He was shot dead on his way to host B transmission during Ramadan 2016.

   3.Hanif Mohammad – August 11, 2016
Mohammad Hanif was the legendary cricket player who has played 55 test between 1952 and 1969. The game was the first Pakistani to score a triple hundred in test matches and was nicknamed “Little Master” by ESPNcricinfo. It was the best batsman of his time.

He was suffering from lung cancer, and in the end succumb to the seriousness of his illness.

 4.Fatima Surayya Bajia – February 10 2016

Fatima Surayya Bajia prominent name in the world of literature. He wrote several plays, novels, theater and television, which won numerous awards. It has also been awarded Japan’s highest civilian medal in recognition of their work. Remained adviser to Prime Minister Sindh and management committee member Arts Council of Pakistan.

It’s the last breath at the age of 85, to undergo throat cancer.

                                                    5.Abdul Sattar Edhi – July 8, 2016
Abdul Sattar Edhi, the greatest humanitarian of the 20th century, was the founder of Edhi Welfare Trust, a non-governmental organization involved in the construction and maintenance of hospitals and homeless shelters and rehabilitation centers and orphanages. He was nominated several times for the Nobel Prize.

It gave up the ghost due to kidney failure and disease for a long time age-related.

                                                   6.Shahlyla Balushi – October 12, 2016
Shahlyla Balushi was a football player Pakistani feet distinct by profession, who played as a striker for the national team of Balochistan and women in Pakistan. It was the first historical record of a hat while working in the Maldives.

She died in a car accident in Karachi.

7.Yawar Hayat Khan – November 3, 2016
The Yawar Hayat Khan, the Pakistani television producer, was known as the ‘engineer’ most dramas. Some of his creations include Samandar, Condi, Farrar, Dehleez, coast and many others.

He died after a short period of illness in Lahore, Pakistan.

  8.Hassan Sadpara – 21 November 2016
It was Hassan Sadpara famous mountaineer and adventurer came from Sadpara near Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. He is the first Pakistani may climb Everest, K2, Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II, Nanga Parbat, and a broad peak. He dreamed of building a school mountaineering and overcome the 14 highest mountain peaks in the world.

He died shortly after being diagnosed with leukemia.

                                                      9. Shamim Ara – August 5, 2016
Shamim Ara was acclaimed actress, producer and director, four times winner of Nigar Awards. She was known for her roles in films such as Devdas admire a lot, Humraz and Bal de Bal. He said it is one of the most successful female filmmakers from Pakistan.

He was in a coma for six years, and eventually lost the battle of life.

 10.Intezar Hussein – February 2, 2016
Intezar Hussein was one of the most prolific writers in Pakistan, excelling in short stories, novels, poetry and journalism. He was honored for his work by Sam des Arts et Palace liter (Order of Arts and Letters), a prestigious French literary organization.

He died in Lahore after contracting with pneumonia.

11.Dr. Abdul Wahab – September 6, 2016
Dr. Abdul Wahab famous educational. The former vice-rector of the University of Karachi and the President of Institute of Business Administration (IBA). He had also served as president of the University of Mohammed Ali Jinnah. (Mago)

He died from complications due to cancer.

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