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Governor Sindh admitted

Governer Sindh Syed-ul-Zaman Sadiqi Passed Away

KARACHI: Governor Sindh Justice (retd) Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui passed away on Wednesday, according to a spokesman of Governor House.

Official said on Wednesday the governor of Sindh Justice (Retd) Saeed time my friend had passed away at a private hospital, where he was transferred because of chest pain and trouble breathing: Karachi.

According to a statement issued by a spokesman for the governor of the house, and my friend transferred to a private hospital located in the Clifton district of the city in the morning.Governor Sindh admitted

Justice (Retd) my friend may face severe health problems since he took office as governor of a province. He was discharged from a private hospital after 35 days in the December 15 December.

Three days after he was sworn in November 11, the governor of Sindh and admitted to the hospital she said about breathing difficulties and chest infection. Reports said that the ruling was discharged from hospital because of family pressure.

He was accompanied by a monitoring team 24 hours a day, including chest specialist, nerves and physical therapy since then. Medical Council, composed of ten members of the nervous system doctors, surgeons, orthopedic surgery, chest control specialists also governor of the patient’s health around the clock at the hospital.

The governor promised my friend that he will make all possible efforts for the welfare of people of the province.

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